Parker PTA-015-1R1-13 | Terminal PAC (PT) Thin Client HMI

O PAC Terminal (PT) é uma IHM desenvolvida para funcionar perfeitamente com o Parker Automation Controller (PAC). Com o PAC lidando com o controle da máquina e a lógica da IHM, o PT exibe a IHM incorporada e envia as entradas de toque de volta ao PAC.

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The PAC Terminal (PT) is a thin client HMI which significantly reduces the overall system costs when compared to a traditional HMI—especially if it is desired for multiple PTs to connect to a single PAC. Developed to work seamlessly with the Parker Automation Controller (PAC), the PAC handling the control and HMI logic, the PT is responsible for displaying the embedded HMI as well as sending touch screen input from the user back to the PAC.

• Factory Automation
• Packaging Machinery
• Printing & Marking Equipment
• Food & Beverage
• Textile, Paper
• General Automation

– Reduce HMI Hardware Costs:
Our PAC controller does the heavy lifting hosting the HMI application, allowing the PAC Terminal to provide high end HMI performance at very cost effective pricing.

– Reduced Development Time:
Embedded Xpress provides intuitive, drag and drop tools for developing HMI applications that can reduce your development time by 30% over competing toolsets. Users who prefer IEC 61131-3 programming can quickly tie their PAC programming logic to Web Visualization objects for a seamless logical solution.

– Reduce Downtime:
The PAC Terminal is essentially a Web browser designed for the factory floor. If for any reason, the PAC Terminal stops functioning, the PAC controller can publish its screen to any device with a compatible Web browser and your process keeps running. Better yet, simply replace the PAC Terminal and set IP addresses and your application is back running, no application to load, no other configuration required.

– Increasing Security:
The PAC Terminal contains no application data when disconnected from the PAC controller. Critical application data, parameters and history are all stored on the PAC, safely in your main control cabinet. This centralized architecture presents an inherently smaller attack profile for malware, viruses and other malicious intent as your HMI is no longer an intelligent device containing critical information — yet, no functionality is compromised.

• Packaging Machines
• Material forming machines
• Handling machines
• Converting and plastic machines
• Printing & Marking Equipment

====About the Parker PAC and PAC Terminal all-in-one Machine Control Solution====
The PAC is Parker’s all-in-one machine controls solution that combines PLC, HMI, and motion control functionality into a single device. Likewise, the PAC is programmed using a single integrated development environment (IDE) called Parker Automation Manager (PAM).

Control engineers have two options when developing their HMI in PAM: either using WebVisu, a European-style visualization platform that is designed to easily integrate with the IEC 61131-3 programming language, or Parker’s incredibly popular and easy-to-use HMI, embedded Xpress. Both WebVisu and embedded Xpress provide remote capabilities by taking advantage of web publishing technology. Any remote client such as a browser, or mobile device using Parker’s Remote Manager (RemoteMgr) App can connect to the embedded HMI simply by entering in the PAC’s IP address and target application. This means that an unlimited number of devices can connect to the PAC including multiple PT units.

The ability to provide a single solution and programming environment for PLC logic, HMI local and Remote visualization, as well as motion control makes the PAC an all-in-one machine controller capable of solving the most difficult applications with ease and reduced time to market.

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